Wild Garden, Orchard, Mound & Avenue


A new area has recently been created to extend the experience of garden visitors. It is still being developed but we hope you might enjoy walking round these new spaces. Entry is through the gate from the fern garden beyond the rose border.

Over recent years we have experimented in the small wild flower plot with both annual and perennial seed mixes. Sometimes it works but frequently not! To make the ground less fertile, we removed about 50 cms of top soil and we now treat this as a perennial wild garden making additions with plugs of various ‘wild’ plants.

In the orchard many of the old apple trees have died and a selection of Heritage apples, medlars, quince  and pears have been planted. Camassias and the tulip Jan Reus also bring spring colour to complement the apple blossom.

When we made the new water garden nearly one thousand tons of soil was removed and left in a pile on the edge of the orchard. This was moulded into a horseshoe shape and has been turfed to produce the mound.

The avenue has been planted with tulip trees and leads up to a sculpture which was designed and made by Pete Moorhouse.